Paper Crafting by Heidi Angelika

- About Paper Crafting by Heidi Angelika -

How did Paper Crafting by Heidi Angelika get started?

 About a year ago, in May of 2019, I went from making jewelry, to making cards,​ when I saw some of the beautiful cards one of my colleague was making. I had been making some really simple cards earlier as well, but now I came to a changing point, and I started investing in a lot of equipment for card making! Then in June I packed up my house and moved in with my boyfriend, something that gave me a real incentive to clean up my crafting equipment. All my beads and jewelry making tools were put into boxes and stored in the attic, while all my new card making tools and papers were put into bins and plastic containers that got their place on shelves. 

I kept buying stamps and dies etc, and today I have quite a collection!

Who is Paper Crafting by Heidi Angelika?

Paper Crafting by Heidi Angelika is so far just me, Heidi Angelika Scott. I live in the south of Norway, and I love paper crafting. My paper crafting career started out with just making cards, however, I soon developed an interest for making gift boxes and gift bags, as well. I have my own series of gift boxes that I have given the name "The Love Box Series". The love box series consists of hand made gift boxes designed to fit for instance Bolsius Candles etc, as well as card gift boxes or sets.

Me, Heidi Angelika Scott.